Porsche GT 997 Style Bumper For 996 Carrera Polyurethane (1999-2001)


Give your 996 1999-2001, the look of the 997 GT Street without changing front fenders and headlights. Bumper  includes NR LED running lights that are incorporated in the custom light housings in the air duct opening or optional 997 Turbo daytime running lights. Bumper manufactured in high quality polyurethane for added durability . We also offer headlight covers that will give the front headlights the 997 look.

All NR Porsche front bumpers come with a separate polyurethane lower spoiler for added impact protection.  Most other companies offer one piece fiberglass bumpers with the lower spoiler as part of  the bumper, or a separate fiberglass lower spoiler that is more prone to damage.
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Kit Includes:

  • Polyurethane front bumper with LED running lights 
  • Air duct vent frame
  • Polyurethane lower spoiler
  • Mesh grill screen
  • Optional air intake covers with driving lights or duct openings
  • Optional headlight covers

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 74 x 31 x 20 in


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